About us

Azores real estate agency was established as a result of many years of working with real estate, and because we want a responsible approach to every single client. We are doing what we love, and when the work is done with pleasure, the success is guaranteed. The expertise and training is a prerequisite for any serious and conscientious business, but a hunch for real estate and real estate market or you have or you do not have. The hunch is genetically inherited and develops gradually.
It is our daily routine to monitor and analyse the real estate market, as well as continuous training, monitor of regulations regarding real estate transactions. We approach each client with full attention, responsibly and conscientiously. Agency is registered in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and we signed the Code of Ethics. Azores real estate is a member of the association Agenti.hr.
The responsibility is our top priority and we have a law firm specializing in real estate to monitor and to give legal advice in our work and transactions.
All properties have their own history, tell their story and provide energy. Current and future owners are primarily people with their feelings, wishes and possibilities.
Our job is to reconcile wishes and possibilities of all the participants in the transaction, to offer the customer an adequate real estate, and to ensure the vendor a complete service: estimate a market value of the property, advice on preparing the property for sale, rent, mediating in purchasing or renting apartments houses or commercial properties and complete legal protection of all participants. Our goal is a satisfied customer.
The expertise, knowledge acquired in the field of economics, psychology, many years of working with people and real estate definitely give our team an extra dimension, and will therefore avoid unnecessary stress and save time to our clients. The biggest prize is a happy vendor and a happy buyer on the day of the handover of the property. Our goal is to stay in business for a long time and to work correctly, receive a new client with great pleasure and to have as much as possible returning customers, what would be a prove of a job done professionally and with great responsibility.

Why the Azores?

We found the inspiration in the islands, a paradise in the eternal blue.
Azores, long time forgotten, the poor and underdeveloped, now one of the European regions that recorded the fastest growth.
The status of regional autonomy and the wise use of EU development funds have enabled the rapid and complete transformation of the Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic. Unemployment is almost three times lower than the EU average, emigration stopped and living standards increased significantly. Azores have become an example of success. Can Croatian islands learn from their experience?

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Basic information:

Company: AZORI PLUS d.o.o. za usluge i trgovinu
Short name: AZORI PLUS d.o.o.
Headquarters: Sesvete, Trg Antuna Mihanovića 2
Place of registration to Commercial court and number of entry: Trgovački sud u Zagrebu, Tt-16/4570-4
OIB: 81555892277
Bank and account number: HR 96 2340 0091 1107 80615
Base capital: 20.000,00 kuna
Board members: Marijana Maloča